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I added the screencaps of Glee’s season 2 premiere! I really enjoyed the episode and the fact that Heather’s role seems bigger in this season. I am in the progress of adding a few video’s to the Video Archive of my Naya Rivera site, so check soon to see if they’re added.  Also, check the links below to download a few songs of the episode, which i was able to obtain.

– Captures >  201: Audition
Empire State Of Mind.mp3


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Hello! My name is Aniek and i am the new owner of Heather Morris Fan! Thanks so much to Celyn for letting me take over this amazing resource for Heather. I am a big fan of Glee and i recently discovered it. I live in the Netherlands so it takes a while before the show aired. I couldn’t wait, so i had to view it online. I loved it so much that i started my 1st Glee related site for Naya Rivera!

I hope to serve the latest news, pics, info and of course all the Brittany/Glee related stuff! Check back soon! I’ll try to upload the latest Glee captures as soon as possible. Please bare with me since it takes a while for me to obtain the newest episode, since i don’t live in the USA!

Thanks and have fun!

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The lovely Heather is featured in September’s edition of Nylon Magazine, with a gorgeous new photoshoot! Scans from the magazine have been added to the gallery, and hopefully some more ‘shoot images will surface soon! I have also finally added the OK! scans from July, featuring the lovely Naya Rivera, and the first official still from the Glee season 2 premiere episode, Audition – enjoy!

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Heather Morris has revealed details of the storyline in the upcoming Britney Spears episode of Glee.

Morris, who plays Brittany, told E! Online that the tribute will see New Directions clash with Mr Schuester (Matthew Morrison).

“We want to do [Britney] for a [glee club] performance and Will Schuester doesn’t allow it,” she explained. “He doesn’t agree with us. My character’s arc [in the episode], in a way, is Britney Spears!”

She added: “You figure out my character’s last name!”

Morris also revealed that she loved working with Spears, who filmed a cameo for the episode.

“She did such a good job,” she said. “She was very, very quiet and very sweet. She was awesome.”


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Last night, Heather attended the Emmy Awards and looks absolutely stunning! So far I’ve added 44 MQ images, but will be adding some HQs as soon as I find them. I also added pictures from her appearance at the Glee Apparel Launch at Macy’s from August 21 as well – enjoy!

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